The innovative travel companion from LiWAVE


The crowdfunding for the textile travel companion LiWAVE is active. LiWAVE can now be supported on the crowdfunding platform STARTNEXT. The innovative travel companion offers a variety of smart solutions that conventional travel bags don´t have. The innovative and practical travel bag was developed and manufactured with iprotex textiles by a German startup from Minden. The mesh that is used for the inside pockets of the backpack is produced by the knitting department in Münchberg and then processed by LiWave. 


At iprotex, we are happy to offer our expertise in the field of technical textiles in order to create real added value for our customers. With young startups in particular, we put our heart and soul into what we do, as we know exactly how it feels from our start back in 1999. We believe in entrepreneurship and good ideas and look forward to developing solutions together. For the startup LiWave, we were able to find a suitable fabric in our wide mesh range, which is now used in the innovative backpack. We wish LiWave much success!

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The two cousins Helge and Moritz from Minden solve the familiar luggage problems with grandma Erika. With their self-developed, innovative travel companion from LiWave, annoying rummaging, chaos in the luggage and unpacking at the destination are solved!


Helge (30) and Moritz (30) are very familiar with luggage. During many business trips in their lives and numerous short trips, they have all too often annoyed themselves about the confusion and inflexible handling of suitcases and bags. Before the journey even begins, the trouble starts: the suitcase is always on the floor and has to be packed in a stooped position. After that, you no longer have an overview of the things that you have just packed. You have to drag the suitcase up or down the stairs, which is not ergonomic. And if you need your toilet bag quickly on the go, you can’t avoid the annoying rummaging around. When you arrive at your destination, it’s not over yet, because you have to unpack your suitcase again. Or you leave everything in the suitcase, but then absolute chaos arises after the second day at the latest. In addition, the suitcase is left unused in the corner during the entire stay and wastes the valuable space in the room. This is only a small excerpt from the troubles of travel life that always bothered Helge and Moritz. Therefore those problems are now solved with the innovative travel companion from LiWAVE. As a project manager (Helge) and industrial designer (Moritz) from the automotive industry, both of them worked their way into the world of hemming, bobbin thread tension and pattern creation within 2 years. They were actively supported by grandma Erika (81) and her 65 years of textile experience as a pattern seamstress.

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