HPtex: new website is online

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HPtex: new website is online

Visit the new website and discover the world of mesh production

The new website of the Bavarian company High Perfor­mance Textiles GmbH is now online! You can now access the company’s website at www.hptex.de and obtain compre­hensive infor­mation on the company’s product range. HPtex is a joint venture between IPROTEX and HPS GmbH from Munich. The two companies come from different business areas and therefore combine their expertise under one roof. On the one hand, IPROTEX brings in the know-how in the production of technical textiles, on the other hand, HPS adds the accumu­lated experience in the field of space engineering. 

Space textiles made in Germany 

At HPtex, high-precision knitted fabrics are manufac­tured on a metallic basis. These are then used in the mecha­nical, thermal subsystems of HPS. The mesh produced by HPtex is used, for example, as a deployable antenna for satel­lites and offers decisive advan­tages for space travel in terms of pack size and weight. The European Space Mesh ESM also offers the best possible mix of robustness and mecha­nical elasticity. The production of such a spacemesh requires the highest level of precision and expertise. Thanks to its many years of expertise in the manufacture of technical textiles, IPROTEX can offer the necessary engineering skills for this. While at IPROTEX technical textiles are usually used in the automotive, composite or mecha­nical engineering sectors, everything at HPtex revolves around space textiles. All current HPtex projects are now presented online on the new website. The very modern website offers many exciting insights into research in the field of spacemesh. We are very proud of the results and also the very good coope­ration with HPS in all areas. Since the company was founded in 2020, we have been working together on the imple­men­tation of space textiles. The important partnerships with the Fraun­hofer Institute and the Hof University of Applied Sciences should also be mentioned here. The joint research on metal mesh is an important part of the company’s history. 

HPtex: new website is online

Visit the new HPtex website. High perfor­mance textiles. Mesh is our passion.